Exciting Announcement Coming Soon

Exciting Announcement Coming Soon

Over the last 5 year we have been providing personalised prints across the world to make those special moments like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays and Christmas perfect.

The one continuous bit of feedback we get from our personalised prints is our loyal customers asking for frames to be made available when they purchase a print.

To be honest the reason we held it off is because we didn't want to risk your personalised prints being damaged in the post or wanting to increase the costs for you.

However, when it comes to those special occasions or even just needing home decor prints many of you would rather buy a frame to finish the personalised prints.

We are now  working with a few new suppliers at the moment to offer frames with our personalised prints.  Initially we are thinking of offering with only 1 size and 1 colour to see how it goes, but our direct frames supplier can produce frames in any size and any colour.   

Hopefully you are all excited as us and we will share with everyone the new frame designs we have to go with your personalised prints.

Suky Peters
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