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Customer Pick of The Week

We love featuring our customers here at Couture Moments and what better way then images of our prints and how they have been beautifully framed and displayed in your homes.

This weeks picks comes from our playful nursery collection for boys.

We love projects which have a hint of customisation from our customers, which is exactly what we created on this set of 2 Scandinavian style prints.

We know all too well how having a colour scheme for your child's bedroom or nursery is just the starting point of your interior decor journey. Next comes the difficult task of finding bedding, cushions, curtains which all delicately compliment your chosen colour palette. This is before you begin the finishing touches with framed wall decor, boys bedroom garlands, amongst figurines and perhaps even personalised name plaques. 

Having said all this, we were given the fun opportunity to help our customer by matching the colours she had chosen for her little boys bedroom in mint green and navy blue. We only received a screen swatch and we matched these colours at our best. We created a gorgeous gradient print of both colours intergrated into our designs and then added personalisation to the print with the name of our customers little munchkin.  

With love and care we packaged and shipped the prints to our customer and we love how our prints were paired with the complimentary flag garland, patchwork quilt and curtain set, not to mention the adorable Peter Rabbit teddy. The perfect bedroom wall decor in a gorgeous contemporary child's bedroom.

Teepee Boys Bedroom Print


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